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The Goodenough Community is at an important and exciting threshold: Envisioning our next chapter as an empowered, self-led community. It is time to celebrate who we are and envision who we want to be.

This summer, join us in celebrating what brought us here and has kept us here, and in the challenge of forging the path we want to follow now. What would you love the community to be for you?  What contributions are you ready to make to the community?


We invite you to read more about our summer event in the attached announcement which has additional information about the event and how to register.  


The time is now for each of you who value community to join us in writing our next chapter. The magic of Goodenough happens when we show up and lift each other up, daring to be vulnerable, be intimate, and grow together.


Come back in the future to learn more about Lab 2024!

Why choose Lab?


Whenever I am asked about the magic that explains how the annual Human Relations Laboratory has been chosen by so many people over a 52-year period, I point to a commitment among friends who value integrity and good communication. Lab is a place to work out challenges encountered on the road less traveled. I am just one of the members of a core group that plans this event every year. We begin by recognizing the importance of being supported by friends on this journey. What people refer to as magic is actually a sweet reward for being open with each other.


– John L. Hoff

What is Lab?


  • This event can inspire your own desire to be a better person

  • Whether you are focused on personal mastery or trying to improve your relationships, you will find this learning / training event will facilitate your growth

  • The Lab context provides opportunities to practice interpersonal skills and experience community formation

  • Former attendees have referred to the Lab as transformative and rejuvenating


A human relations laboratory is an experiential learning and training event that encourages you to learn in many ways, all of them supporting you in your efforts to release yourself from patterns of resistance to growth and more freedom.


We will have opportunities to work with our own deficits and strengths as a relational partner and there will be many opportunities to practice improving our skills and learning from the relationships we develop, in the community of the week at the lab experience.


In such an event everyone becomes both a teacher and a student.  We will have the benefit of professional leaders trained by John L. Hoff (the founder of Lab) and led by Colette Hoff, both who share a lifetime as educators and communitarians.

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