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Please Join Us!

June 1, 2018

At Sahale Learning Center


What to Expect

Community reports, history of NICA, workshops and open space discussions. Saturday evening: Contra dance caller and live band, free form dance in party space called “The Swamp!” at Sahale. Zumba dance class offered Sunday AM, plus singing together here and there. Topics will include kids in community, sociocracy, Gracious Space, and how ICs can and do influence the municipalities, neighborhoods, states and provinces that they interact with.
Meals are included with your registration – full weekend plan includes dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday. Stay whatever amount of time you can. Indoor lodging or outdoor camping are yours to choose. Choose which type of accommodations you want along with basic price of attending the gathering. Special diets/allergies will be something you are asked about in the registration process and the venue will work to accommodate your needs.

Why Attend?


Are you interested in intentional communities? Want to see a more just and sustainable world, based on cooperation instead of competition?

This is the event to be at if you want to celebrate communitarian life, learn more about community living in its many forms (ecovillages, co-operatives, shared income communities, co-housing models -- urban & rural), and hear about forming and expanding intentional communities in our area. If you want to network with others, perhaps looking to form a new community, or if you want to bring your community successes for others to be inspired by, or your questions and challenges forward to seek support, you are welcome!

We hope you'll join us for learning, playing, mutual support and celebrate 25 years of intentional community networking as an educational nonprofit in the Cascadia Bioregion.

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