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Since 1981 we lived and served, as community, from a large home in Seattle, Washington. Now, we are well-resourced by Sahale, a learning and retreat center on the Tahuya River, near Western Washington's Hood Canal.


Just 20 minutes from Belfair, Washington, Sahale is an easy drive from Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and the Olympic Peninsula. Sahale’s acres hold many gifts: a large and quiet forest, an old orchard of many fruit varieties, and the most magical - a sacred grove of ancient cedars. The cathedral-like stillness within this ring of cedars harmonizes with the rush of the river just yards away. The ever-changing river refreshes us, two bubbling springs quench our thirst, and a quiet pond stills us. Held close by hills and forest on one side, we enjoy the long, open vista over our valley toward the forested hills beyond the river. Thus it is that what we once dreamed has become a reality, a place we love to share.


Sahale is the site of our annual community summer gathering, held consecutively since 1971. This event is a multi-day learning opportunity that is open to anyone who chooses to attend. These gatherings are designed to nourish, entertain, challenge, and inspire all who attend. At this event we have the opportunity to deepen self-awareness and refine relational abilities and to make commitments for change with supportive friends. The community contracts with professional leaders to provide both daily dialogue combining ancient wisdom with the behavioral sciences, and opportunities for intimate sharing in small groups.  It’s a way to learn about the life ways and practical wisdom of generations of communitarian practice.

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