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Practice 2. eView.

It is incredible to think we can get this tent up and down every year, especially as we get older. Yet this is part of our practice as Goodenough men. Hard work can be a good bonding agent for all of us. Unlike the folks who built the spheres for Jeff Bezos at Amazon we are all volunteers. We care about each other. That’s part of our practice.

Practice, A Way of Life

Practice is an action, clearly a choice, that requires effort. Two very personal stories of practice follow. Two very different people with two different forms of spiritual practice, each requiring unusual effort.

Also in this week’s eView is a blog by Rick Hanson submitted by Kirsten about the value of slowing down as a practice. Tara Brach writes about the sacred art of pause mentioned in the Hanson article. In addition, a few years ago, John Hoff offered a condensation of Roger Walsh’s writing in Essential Spirituality titled Valuable Practices in the Perennial Wisdom which is included in this issue. These articles offer clues into “A radical practice for living a good enough life”.

In addition, we will read more about our drum maker, Lori Boess who is coming to Summer Camp next week. Our new drums will also be teachers about practice. Mike writes about the practice around setting up the white gathering tent.

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