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Updated: May 24, 2018

…Massaged babies gain weight as much as 50 percent faster than unmassaged babies. They’re more active, alert, responsive, more aware of their surroundings, better able to tolerate noise, and they orient themselves faster and are emotionally more in control. “Less likely to cry one minute, then fall asleep the next minute,” as a psychologist, detailing the results of one experiment, explained in Science News in 1985, they’re “better able to calm and console themselves.” In a follow-up examination, eight months later, the massaged preemies were found to be bigger in general, with larger heads and fewer physical problems. Some doctors in California have even been putting preterms on small waterbeds that sway gently, and this experiment has produced infants who are less irritable, sleep better, and have fewer apneas. The touched infants, in these studies and in others, cried less, had better temperaments……

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