We are a long-term experiment in community formation and development sponsored by the American Association for the Furtherance of Community.

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... a moment to "stop and smell some roses."


This section of our website began when covid began and we could not be together. Hearing stories of loneliness and sadness... we decided to offer a place to find moments of joy: our weekly newsletter,  music, poems, interviews, quotes, recipes and readings (some from GEC, some are from around the world.) People liked it, so the Joy Section stayed!! The moments are usually thematic and change with the flow of things so be sure to check in often. We hope that you enjoy your experience and have a happy, healthy, peaceful day.

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Stop and smell (or eat) the roses

Rose Petal Jam

A flavorful, delicious, and simple rose petal jam recipe made with just 4 ingredients and a simple process! Perfect as a spread, slathered, or spooned into desserts - this rose jam will take your dishes to the next level!


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Our cultural life is an arena for creative expression and for drawing out of each other our best versions of ourselves. Most programs have monthly gatherings and occasional weekend events. All programs are open to the public and we welcome your interest and participation. 

"These folks have been together for over four decades! Takes my breath away just to write it. The Goodenough Community is an intentional learning community with the focus on ‘growing good people’. They have honed and practiced relational skills from the very beginning. The energy of the land and people of this community reflect a quality, nearly inarticulable, of graciousness of spirit, of welcoming and allowance for all who come here."

- P. Redfoot