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Our Men’s Culture provides an excellent introduction to community as a context for personal and social transformation.  Our culture has a special role to fill in the development of boys and young men. We value our sons, welcome them to our retreats, and provide a curriculum for them appropriate for their ages.

The Men's Culture offers the following and is open to all men:

1. We are a circle of men friends old & new who gather for work parties, occasional weekends & have been doing so for over 25 years.

2. Our circle is open to any man who is attracted to and finds enjoyment and value in a culture such as ours.

3. Our circle was initiated by and is infused with the vision and energy of John L. Hoff, a friend and mentor to many men.

4. Our purpose is multifaceted;

  • We come together to learn practical skills of being a good man and to support each other in the underlying personal growth that enables the abilities and attitudes of these practical skills. (e.g., relating with emotional intelligence). 

  • We strive to honor and recognize eldership amongst our circle and the stages of male development. 

  • We are activists on behalf of good men everywhere. 

  • We have and continue to study "The Men's Movement" in its many aspects, seeking to integrate the best thinking and practices and network with other men's groups.

5. We have a story that is full of joys and sorrows for the sometimes painful and sometimes triumphant experiences of our group and its individuals. It is our intent to learn from our own stories.

For more information, contact: Bruce Perler at or 206.419.8361

TENT UP! JUN 26-28

This weekend began a study group in support

of a young man's initiation process.

Our Men’s Circle is an expression of brotherhood and practice with wisdom, gathered from own lives, other men’s work advocates and the founders of this circle. Much appreciation to John Lawrence Hoff for his years of love and dedication.


In the fall of 2018, during our annual event-tent take down project, we acknowledged authentic interest and began preparing for a young men’s right of passage experience the following spring.


NOW, as preparation for this important event in a young man’s, I am leading a few young men and fathers, in a backpacking weekend and vision quest into the Olympic National Park in 2019. (This even is now full.)

"Somewhere there must be a balance that organizes around the goal of men supporting men in becoming the best version of ourselves, facing what our lives present us with, and learning better ways of being while moving through life’s circumstances. That is the kind of men’s culture I seek to support in this community." ~ Norm Peck


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