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Donate to the Goodenough Community

Convocation and The American Association make up the Goodenough Community and are both 501(c)3 charities. Your donation to either organization is tax deductible.

" ...the energy of the people of this community reflects a quality of graciousness of spirit, of welcoming and allowance for all who come here."

Convocation is the spiritual heart of the Goodenough Community and as such supports activity throughout the community.


Donations to Convocation support:

[1]  Sahale Learning Center's 68-acres and structures. This assures that Sahale and her gifts continue to be enjoyed by all. Monthly pledged donation in support of the mortgage are especially needed at this time to share the expense among many and ensure Sahale's future.

[2]  The Programs of Convocation

  • Pathwork  |  An open Sunday gathering for those who intend to become ever more awake humans.

  • Watchcare  | Responding to the events in individuals and families' lives both through lay outreach and pastoral services as needed.

Why donate to Convocation?
Why donate to the Association?

The American Association for the Furtherance of Community sponsors the Goodenough Community which is an intentional learning community focused on growing good people.


Donations to the Association support:

[1]  Cultural Programs of the Goodenough Community for gender groupings, families, and the Third Age.

[2]  Sahale Family Camp: A week-long summer education and play event for families.

[3]  Human Relations Lab: A transformational, multi-generational learning event held every August at Sahale. Multiple opportunities through the year for people to come together to learn, socialize, play and grow.

The Association supports the development of Sahale through training and education, work exchange, operational support for facilities and retreats, and activities to support ecological stewardship of the land.

Thank you so very much.

All programs and events are open to the public and we operate with a sliding scale to enable all to attend.

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