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In 1985, the community developed a way of being together, which we called our covenant. The covenant expresses our sincere longing to live, learn, and relate well together.


However, our first learning from the covenant was about our inability to live up to our promises. This period of our history revealed to all of us our inconsistencies, and we redoubled our commitment to do better!


We also began to learn the importance of accepting and loving each other in all of our imperfections.


Although at first we were embarrassed and lived in denial about our inadequacies, soon we began to design our programs in order to learn ways to keep our agreements and fulfill the specific elements of our covenant.


We use this covenant to remind us of our primary values.



We are a people in covenant to be our best, to lean into lifelong learning. As a member of the Goodenough Community, I commit to being the best version of my self


  • By entering fully into life's experiences;

  • By giving my self fully to the process of transformation through the expression of love

  • By trusting the good intentions of each one of us;

  • By relating to others with respect and acceptance;

  • By making and keeping agreements with great care;

  • By being constant through conflict;

  • By honoring leadership in others as a method to develop the leader in myself;

  • By taking responsibility for my unique and significant role in the world;

  • By acknowledging the inner and interconnectedness of all creation, thus being safe and at home in the universe.


Our demonstration of a way of living is based on the radical freedom and responsibility of being your best self and playing your unique role in the world.


Through learning games all parts of our community help each person, couple and family learn to be their best and creatively serve themselves, their families, their communities and society. We intend our demonstration of social creativity and service as inspiration and we receive inspiration from other culturally creative people. Knowing that happiness comes from learning, we are doing our part for a better world.

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