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“Feeling lost? Get found.

Want to feel alive and full?... Enjoy creative social play and community building?...Try Lab!

I was fortunate to take part in the Human Relations Laboratory, and that helped me readjust and find again a healthy, positive frame of mind. I rediscovered my patience and creativity as well as understanding myself and others better. I was reluctant, at first, to join such a loving and accepting environment, but I quickly adapted and came out as a healthier and more capable person. And good news: Those qualities have maintained consistently through this past year. With love and gratitude.

— Jeremy —

I've always come away from Lab feeling like it was time well spent and enjoying a real connection with the folks who were there. And I think it goes beyond that too, in appreciating community in my life back home and challenging me to be a better friend.
 — Kay —

Lab is a valley of delight. A week at Lab is a balm for the body, soul and mind. Lab deepens me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

 — Joan, 81—


I have experienced various times in my life that my heart and my body have not felt congruent with societal and cultural definition of “right and wrong” “good and bad”. I didn’t have the words/concepts - really the ability to comprehend cognitively these feelings. Lab brought forth these feelings – as truth – and provided me with the tools to begin to understand them, to provide a context and safe place to dive into my work, and in doing so allow my SELF (true self), to be “drawn out”. There is no doctrine, nor lifestyle imposition, just a safe and rich environment to experience the power and necessity of human connection. 

 — a 30 yr old —


This is my 1st experience with the Goodenough Community. They are a warm, inviting, spiritual group of people. The lab itself was a life changing experience for me. The program they offer is a thoughtful, creative and meaningful experience. I will definitely be an active participant for years to come.THANK YOU!

 — a 60 yr old —


The ability to step back from the hustle and high-speed work of living in our modern world, and even if just for a few days to a week go inwards to re-settle, focus and slow down has proven invaluable as I work towards peace of mind and great relations as a father, manager, and especially a partner and friend. HRL has helped me change my internal dialogue and given me key tools to be able to better live in the true moment, unencumbered by destructive dialogues and self doubt that don’t allow me to own my best self or work with others from a centered space within.

 — Andrew Hovenden, Director of IT/HR —


HRL 2016 – a space outside of ordinary reality where meaningful, human-scale change can and does happen. I’m an example and am a happier and better functioning man because of it. Thank you Goodenough Community!

 — Bruce —

Lab has been an amazing place to be, this place has started my transformation into my perfect self, it has also made me aware that there are people I can trust to help me.

  — Demetre O’Doherty, lifeguard —


Lab is an experience that gives me the tools and support I need to delve into my soul and self. Whatever I have to work on, lab can provide the safe, loving, compassionate, challenging, and community setting. I love Lab!!!

 — Tessa —


The Human Relations Lab breaks down the barriers to love, and has brought me back to myself.

 — anon —


I came to Lab feeling depressed, worried about my sanity, and full of guilt. At the end of Lab I felt proud of my sadness, empowered by my fear of my mind and forgiveness for my mistakes. I felt human and satisfied with my own humanity.

 — Gabe —


This is a unique opportunity, to work on personal transformation, relationship skills, and community building with like-minded people in a very special place. That said, the experience has been fun, creative, and I have enjoyed sharing all of this with wonderful friends, both old and new.

 — Katie, 68 —


Over a week of increasingly intimate sharing and gentle support, it felt like we formed a truly transformational alternate reality; a community where each person was encouraged to bring themselves fully present and live in a community of love, acceptance and creative expression – a true “Valley of Love and Delight.

 — Marjenta —

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