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Family Enrichment

Network (fen)

The Family Enrichment Network, at work since 1983, provides practical help to parents and children. Our programs help develop each member of a family and the family system as a whole. Core programs include Parent Coaching, Family Support, and Gatherings and Celebrations. 

Gathering and Celebrations


These are seasonal events that happen annually.They include the True Holidays Winter Celebration and and Solstice Bus Trip to Leavenworth


Family Support 


Encouragement and support occurs through a network of families who share stories and wisdom with each other.


Parent Coaching 


Parent Coaching is a program for parents who want to improve their skills and strategies. The program also  offers training in communication, problem solving, and methods of discipline. The issues or problems addressed are selected by those attending. A group of experienced and professional staff are available to families as needed, yet emphasis is placed on drawing out the abilities of parents.


Program Leadership


Irene Perler provides leadership for this program. In her words, “Families are talking more easily about how our shared family life ways stretch us and ask us to grow and change. The entire community benefits from the uniqueness of each family unit and from the shared guidelines that parents have developed for living and working with children.”

For information contact Irene at 206.419.3477 or

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