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Pathwork is a lay-led, every-other-Sunday gathering. Our aim is to provide a space for those wishing to explore their spirituality, and to have a place to talk about issues that come up for us as we engage in our chosen practices or try out new ones. This includes the practice of being in community together and providing mutual support. We believe that being a part of a community is itself a spiritual practice. We are interfaith - there is no defined path; rather, all beliefs are welcome. Small groups are a supportive context where we can talk more fully with each other, sharing personal stories often related to a suggested topic or theme, and ways that we explore spiritual paths of our choosing.

Pathwork is our "being" place rather than "doing". We are learning together how to bring spirit present in our lives. We come with the intention to be heart connected and supportive of each other. The design team will help with themes or topical subjects and guide discussion in the whole group. In this way we can see ourselves as a circle of friends getting together to share about our lives and daily practices, learning from and caring for each other. We welcome all who feel drawn to this work.



Dates and Times

The circle meets bi-weekly on Sunday evenings from 7 - 9 pm. For a current schedule please reach out to

"It is our belief that a spiritual quest, while fashioned by each individual seeker following their own path, is well-served by a circle of friends on similar quests, sharing the highs and lows of this journey in a mutually supporting experience, led by seasoned, compassionate guides."
– Phil Stark

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