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in the Goodenough Community

What makes community meaningful and fun?

The richness of life in community comes in many ways – getting together informally over a meal...celebrating a significant birthday with long- time and newfound friends...working together in a creative endeavor...collaborating in a work party...thinking deeply with others about what it means to be fully alive and connected with ourselves, each other, and Spirit...and more.

In the Goodenough Community, we recognize such ways to connect as expressions of living life fully and in communities of all kinds. Throughout the year we offer programs that help you participate in your own development, learn about relating well with others, and discover your potential to have a good time in life and with others.

We welcome your interest and your participation, and hope that you will join us at any – or many! – of this year’s events. 

NEW EVENT  |  Founders Day Celebration  |  April 22, 2023

This new event is designed to celebrate our shared community life and to honor our founders, John and Colette Hoff. The first Founders Day celebration is scheduled for the weekend of April 22, 2023, at Sahale. Contact: Elizabeth Jarrett-Jefferson at

Human Relations Laboratory  |  August  2023

This event was cancelled in 2022. Please look forward to Human Relations Laboratory 2023. This intense and joyous week-long event is a communal experience of personal growth and relational development within a rich culture with art, music, dance, song, drama, and more. Contact: Elizabeth Jarrett-Jefferson at

The Women's Program 

is a long-established and ever-growing way for women to enjoy each other’s company, learn about themselves as women, and even perhaps to experience the Divine Feminine. The Women's Program will meet from 10 AM to 1 PM on Saturday, March 25, 2023, via Zoom. For information, contact Hollis Ryan at

Pathwork, A Program of Convocation: A Church and Ministry  

Pathwork offers a spiritual home in which to rest and to share your heart and mind as you move through these unpredictable times. Participants come together and find support and encouragement, gaining wisdom from the world’s faith and wisdom traditions. All are welcome to join. Meetings are held via Zoom on alternate Sundays: 7 to 9 PM. Contact Kirsten Rohde at for more information.

The Third Age 

Those aged 60 and older have customarily been gathering every other month, Friday evenings, at 7 PM by Zoom. Stay tuned for an email about our next meeting date. Contact Kirsten Rohde at for more information.

Work and Play Parties Throughout the Year 

Traditionally, the Goodenough Community sponsors work and play parties over Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends as well as other times to express gratitude for the presence of our beloved retreat center, Sahale, and to experience the satisfaction of playing and working together. 

The Men's Program  

Our Men’s Circle is an expression of brotherhood and practice, with wisdom gathered from our own lives, other men’s work, advocates, and the founders of this circle. Contact: Norm Peck at

The Goodenough Community’s governing body, the General Circle 

Currently meets bi-weekly on Monday evenings, 7 PM on Zoom. For additional information, contact: Elizabeth Jarrett-Jefferson at

True Holidays  |  December 2, 2023

Check back for more information and please hold the date.  Contact: Elizabeth Jarrett-Jefferson at

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