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What makes community meaningful and fun?

The richness of life in community comes in many ways – getting together informally over a meal...celebrating a significant birthday with long- time and newfound friends...working together in a creative endeavor...collaborating in a work party...thinking deeply with others about what it means to be fully alive and connected with ourselves, each other, and Spirit...and more.

In the Goodenough Community, we recognize such ways to connect as expressions of living life fully and in communities of all kinds. Throughout the year we offer programs that help you participate in your own development, learn about relating well with others, and discover your potential to have a good time in life and with others.

We welcome your interest and your participation, and hope that you will join us at any – or many! – of this year’s events. 

COUPLES WEEKEND  |  MARCH 1 - 3, 2019  

More is possible. More connection. More Communication. More Passion. More is possible in your relationship now. This weekend will focus on increasing emotional intimacy, building connection and improving communication. Tools will be provided for enhancing your physical relationship, including addressing chronic issues. The role of sexuality in relationship and new understandings of orgasm will be explored. —  Focal Person: Colette Hoff: hoff@goodenough.org


This gathering is foundational to all programs and events within the community. A time to learn and to share your views about our community. Come and be curious!  —  Focal Person: Kirsten Rohde: krohde14@outlook.com

WOMEN'S CULTURE ANNUAL WEEKEND  |  MAY 3 - 5, 2019  |  details

Women of the Goodenough Community have been gathering intentionally and regularly since 1983 to discover in themselves and each other the essence of womanhood at any age and the presence of the Divine Feminine. —  Focal Person: Hollis Guill Ryan: hollisr@comcast.net


Traditionally, the Goodenough Community sponsors work parties over Memorial Day weekend as well as other times throughout the year, to express gratitude for the presence of our beloved retreat center, Sahale, and to experience the satisfaction of playing and working together. It is a great time to bring friends to share Sahale! Focal Person: Colette Hoff: hoff@goodenough.org

MEN'S CULTURE  |  TBD |  details

Our Men's Culture program is an expression of the best wisdom men have gathered from their life together—about what is a good man and how he could best express that in his own life. Focal Person: Bruce Perler: bruceperler@hotmail.com

SUMMER CAMP  |  JUN 23 - 29, 2019 |  details

A wonderful opportunity for children 9 to 12 to have a full camp experience in a beautiful setting with loving leadership. 

Focal Person: Irene Perler: Irene_Perler@hotmail.com 

HUMAN RELATIONS LABRATORY  |  AUG 4 - 10, 2019  |  details

This intense, joyous, week-long event is a communal experience of personal growth, presented annually for more than 40 years. 

Focal Person: Colette Hoff: hoff@goodenough.org


The Goodenough Community is proud to be a sponsor of this event. This conference is an intentional experience of community. Whether you live in an intentional community / ecovillage / co-housing and are interested in joining or starting one, are a networker or organizer, or are new to intentional communities, this conference will have something for you.

TRUE HOLIDAYS  |  DEC 7, 2019  |  details

Our annual winter gathering offers good company, food, contra dancing, silent auction and time for reflection on the season. Offered by the Goodenough Community as an opportunity to choose a season of goodwill, peacefulness and good times with family and friends. We believe in good choices as an antidote to the rushed, commercialized, sometimes stressful aspects of the season. Be part of this fun-filled family-oriented evening and prepare yourself for the winter season (whatever faith tradition you follow) that fills your heart. Contact Elizabeth for more information.  Focal Person: Elizabeth Jarrett Jefferson: elizabeth.ann.jarrett@gmail.com

SOLSTICE TRIP  |  DEC TBD  |  details

Board a bus, play in the snow, shop in Leavenworth, have a horse-drawn sleigh ride and enjoy an abundant dinner.

 Focal Person: Colette Hoff: hoff@goodenough.org

THIRD AGE  |  details

Those of us age 60 and older have been gathering every other month, Friday evenings in Seattle.  Focal Person: Kirsten Rohde: krohde14@outlook.com


We enjoy spending the turning of the year in the quiet of the country, creating our own event, with good meals, hot tubs, walks, peaceful sleep, good conversation, and times to reflect together on the year that was and the year to come. The weekend of the 28th and 29th is open and availalbe for those who wish to come early.  Focal Person: Colette Hoff: hoff@goodenough.org


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