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We consider ourselves to be a “tried-and-true” people—here to stay—whose way of life embraces a transpersonal approach to self-realization. The tension between individual and collective identity is held in good humor, recognizing the importance to community of strong individuals and the contribution community makes to the socialization and individuation of its members.


To draw out and honor our best self is central to our success as we join each other at a heart level in the development of those deep relationships so essential for the pursuit of meaningful, purposeful lives.


Our membership spans multiple generations and comes from many walks of life and religious preference, encumbered by no particular creed or ideology. Rather, we are devoted to understanding freedom, self-responsibility and creative collaboration in making meaning and seeking grace. Truth telling, safety and mindfulness are intrinsic to this process, as is the principle of individual freedom. We choose our own personal growth goals in concert with an agreement to ask for honest feedback from one another on how we are progressing. This is always done in the spirit of joining in the mutual challenge of transformation. We believe the actualization of our potential cannot be done alone.


Our way of life is but one of many authentic ways to remedy the self-centeredness, competitive individualism, neglected children and older people, dysfunctional families, mindless consumerism, endangered environment, and political apathy so rampant in our society. We believe that such a remedy is urgently needed if we are to maintain a quality of life worth living.

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