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The use of games, experiments, and exercises has been known and practiced intuitively by effective teachers throughout the ages. We are not surprised when our children discover the value of playing learning games. Why should it be otherwise for us? It isn’t. We learn best through games, activities, and learning exercises.


The Goodenough Community has always intended to be both a caring, healing environment and a learning/training laboratory. A core of leaders, most of them friends and colleagues for more than 30 years, have carefully developed a philosophy of community life, which is expressed in personal agreements, organizational processes, and life-ways proven effective over time.We also recognize the importance of personal safety within our learning container, and have developed a specific Code of Conduct to guide our ideas and behaviors - and to help establish healthy boundaries to our self-development with others.


An essential strategy of the community is to develop ourselves well, supporting each other in safe and responsible ways, and learning to be effective, harmonious participants in the world at large.

We are primarily a learning organization. 

This requires openness to experimenting with ways to approach our ideals, allowing failed attempts to be lessons learned that improve the next experiment, rather than excuses for giving up. We realize that we are ultimately engaged in the infinite game of life. Success at this game requires us to play many creative finite games in order to sustain the momentum and renew the promise of the infinite game.


Our cultural processes serve us well. 

Our members regularly meet, and have developed cultural programing.   The overall goal of these cultural programs is to help us become mature, sane, proactive, and creative.

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