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The Turtle Clan


The Turtle Clan invites you to  intimate evenings of sharing, fun and learning.


Our meetings consist of a variety of social learning games that help us continually re-discover what is most important to learn now!

The current members, now in our 40s, are both enjoying settling down, relishing the accomplishments of our 30s, and now finding new challenges; aging parents, changing careers, shifting values, and feeling the need to care for the earth more than ever.  We know we must push against complacency in order to be fully alive in this complicated world we live in.

We understand trust is built over a period of time and we know we can’t explain ourselves in a couple paragraphs so, come check us out.

We suggest a donation of $25 per evening. There is no charge for your first visit unless you want to.


Check back for the 2018 schedule.

Contact Elizabeth Jarrett-Jefferson for more information

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