The Goodenough Community
The Goodenough Community is a long-term experiment in community formation and
development sponsored by the American Association for the Furtherance of Community.

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Areas of Interest

EcoVillage at Sahale


Our ecoVillage project is growing into its permaculture inspired vision.

Art at Sahale


The Weavery is a space available for artistic retreats, workshops and classes.

Upcoming Events

Third Age Group

A fellowship of older adults exploring
issues of aging and living well.

Upcoming gatherings: 4/25 & 6/13


Contact Joan Valles for more information

Women's Culture


Upcoming gatherings:
Saturday, March 15 and a weekend May 2 to 4.

Contact Hollis Guill Ryan for more information.

Conscious Couples Network

Next gathering
Friday 4/18

Retreat weekend at Sahale Learning Center,
June 6 to 8

Contact Bruce Perler for more information.

Sahale Summer Camp

July 7 to 13


Exploring nature and friendship for ages 9 - 12



Contact Irene Perler for more information.

Human Relations Laboratory 2014


August 10-16


Friendship on the Road Less Traveled


Contact Colette Hoff for more information

Events, Articles and Announcements
We are moving our offices - as of April 1, 2007 33rd Ave S., will no longer be the offices of the Goodenough Community. See the eView for a section with frequently asked questions and answers about this change.

2014 Annual Meeting of Members and Friends - see the Feb. 2014 eView archives for stories

Internships Are Available for the Serious Student of Life in Community

We are seriously seeking experienced and mature interns to further development of Sahale Retreat Center and EcoVillage, in the following areas: farming and gardening, animal husbandry, off-grid technology, facility maintenance and development, and educational programs. Please contact Irene Perler at for details.

Seasons and Cycles in Evolving Community
by John L. Hoff

... Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor remind us that formal histories tell the stories of governments, wars, and economics. However, the story of people, average people in ordinary jobs who are trying to be good human beings by passing forward the life-sustaining sense of community and culture, are ignored.

Where Did We Come From: Understanding the Communitarian Movement

by John and Colette Hoff

... word community is used in a variety of ways, sometimes referring to people and other times to a place, and still more often as a spiritual glue that holds people together around ideas and causes. Enjoy this informative article by 2 leaders of the communitarian movement ...


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