We hope you enjoy the experiences we are sharing here. Many are from the Goodenough Community Learning Center, called Sahale. Remember, you can click on controls to see in Full Screen View!

Sahale. Bio Char Project.
Sahale. Building a Bridge.

We are interviewing our community members, asking them the same question..."Can you please share one thing that you learned in the community that you have incorporated into your life and use in the Global Community." Remember you can click on the controls for the Full Screen View!

Interview: Tom George.
Interview: Ashley Shields

Singing soothes the soul. We love to sing. We are sharing songs as a soothing balm. We invite you to learn them, if you dont alreayd know them, and come sing with us. Remember you can click on the controls for Full Screen View!

Song: Buddhist Blessing
Song: Supporting One Another by LongDancer Kristina Turner
Song: Making My Shoulders Strong

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