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The Goodenough Community has been a well where many people have
quenched their desire for belonging and for rejuvenation of their soul.

Sahale Learning Center is a place where we can dip into that well and find the clarity and compassion

that waters our desire for connection, growth, and wisdom deepened by the strength of community,

and share in the water of life - together.

Built in the 1940s, Brighdie’s Well has provided water for Sahale and that will continue.

However, that water supply has been running low during the summer months.

To build resilience at Sahale so that it can continue to serve our community, our Sahale guests,

and friends of the land now and into the future,

we need a well and pump house.

We have an estimate from a local well-drilling company for $35,000.  That covers drilling the well and installing the piping, the pump, the wiring and the pressure tank before the busy summer months. 

We have applied for a permit from Mason County and the Department of Ecology.

We want to start on this work as we receive the permit which we expect to be by early May.
Goodenough Community leaders have already committed $13,000 to this cause. We
can pay for this well if 30 people contribute $850 each, or if 100 people contribute $250
each. Will you be one of them? We are happy to accept more than that, or less if that
means you can contribute.
The Goodenough Community is a registered 501(c)3 non profit. If you’re ready to donate, go to, click on the
Goodenough Community and write "New Well" in the Comment field.

If you’d like to donate some other way - by check or direct deposit - or if
you’re not ready to donate but wish to pledge, contact Steve Ghan for more information
or with your pledge amount:

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